Your fingerprint is your new iPhone password

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After ALLLL we know about the government and the NSA/CIA/FBI stealing info from phones, WHY IN THE NAME OF THE GODS WOULD I GIVE THEM MY FINGERPRINT?!?!?!?!

>giving your fingerprint to a device which is essentially territory of your service provider and knows all your interests, locations, activities, and personal data

the fuck are they going to do with a finger print, they already know if you’re looking up lolicon.

Give it to police authorities, most likely.

*clicks iPhone* 

*iPhone scans fingerprint* 

"yo man I smoked weed, drank a fifth and drove drunk last night" 

*hits send*

*clicks iPhone*

*iPhone scans fingerprint*

Not only did you just send a written confession to the DEA/FBI/Local Police, you also literally signed it with your god damn finger print. 

Part of me would savor the scent of poetic justice, and the other part would simply shit myself with the fear of how that’s being used against me.

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    who the fuck would admit to drink driving on a social media anyway for fucks sake
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    And more importantly the government don’t give a shit bout your fucked up life they just need dem terrorists and...
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